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About Cornell Law School

We’re a little different than other law schools. And we like it that way. With about 600 J.D. students, Cornell Law is a close-knit, collegial community of learners. We like to think of ourselves as serious, but not stuffy. Elite, but not elitist.

Cornell Law is a place where students learn from one another, not just from their professors. Here, you’ll find a rigorous and vibrant atmosphere in which students view one another as colleagues, rather than competitors.

At Cornell, community is more than just a catchphrase. Our care for one another is what sets us apart. Students sense it from the moment they step on campus. You’ll discover it in the classmates who stay up late helping you study for a big exam. In the law review colleagues who push you to do your best work. And in the mentors who encourage you to study abroad, join a new club, or apply for a prestigious judicial clerkship.

Facts & Statistics
of graduates employed within 10 months of graduation
5.7: 1
student-to-faculty ratio, one of the lowest for U.S. law schools
in job placement among all law schools

Upon graduation, Cornell Law students are fully prepared for the challenges of the legal landscape. Plus, they stand out in the employment marketplace. 

More Facts and Statistics


At its founding, Cornell University’s first president Andrew Dickson White challenged Cornell Law School to produce not “swarms” of hastily prepared lawyers, but rather a “fair number of well trained, large minded, morally based lawyers in the best sense.” For more than 130 years, that is exactly what we have done.
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A.D. White


The backdrop to the Cornell Law School experience is Ithaca, a beautiful and cosmopolitan small city in the Finger Lakes region of New York state. Surrounded by waterfalls, gorges, lakes, and parks, Ithaca is an ideal place for getting outside. And with a thriving music and arts community, Ithaca offers abundant cultural opportunities as well.
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