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Life at Cornell Law

The kinds of students who choose to study at a small law school nestled in the middle of the Finger Lakes are the kinds of people comfortable forging their own paths.
“Because of its location in a small city, Cornell Law nurtures a sense of community and belonging and encourages long-lasting friendships.”
Fouad Debs, LL.M. ’19
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Ours is a Community Characterized by:

  • Frequent and meaningful interaction among students, faculty, and administrators
  • A vibrant and engaged student body, featuring dozens of formally recognized student organizations along with frequent informal student endeavors and activities
  • A wealth of resources dedicated to academic excellence, professional development, and physical and emotional wellness

We hope you find the resources listed here to be useful, and we encourage you to visit our Current Student Community website or contact us if you have any questions.

Ithaca is
Your #CornellGivingDay support helps students RIGHT NOW. Our students are heading to NYC tonight to work with asylum seekers and Catholic Charities. #CornellLawClinics
"One of the greatest barriers to attending law school is the financial burden of tuition. Scholarships help open the door to law school for people who lack such substantial means. Without Cornell alumni's generous contributions, law school would be substantially more difficult. Knowing that I have financial support helps take the stress off of paying bills, and refocuses my attention on my studies. Thank you to all the alumni who contribute."

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Your support funds 27 specialized #CornellLawClinics and practicums that provide life-changing learning opportunities and help Law students become standouts in multiple fields. 
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Visit the link in our bio to make your gift today. #CornellGivingDay
Spin the wheel to win some #CornellGivingDay swag! Thanks for playing Alexander Weaver ’21, JD ‘25
Today, 8 in 10 #CornellLaw students receive scholarships and financial aid. As a result, the debt load of students at graduation is lower than it has been in many years. 

⭐ See the link in our bio for more information on how your support impacts students and how our #CollectiveImpact on #CornellGivingDay, will ensure this exciting trend continues!
On the eve of #CornellGivingDay we recognize how powerful our #CollectiveImpact is for future generations of #CornellLaw students. Together we are continuing a tradition of excellence. https://bit.ly/3LqiSXc
It was wonderful to celebrate Muriel Kessler '48 during our Women's Summit in NYC this past week. Hearing more about #HerStory left us all feeling empowered and inspired. #WomensHistoryMonth #Cornelllaw
This week the #CornellLaw Video Game Law Association hosted a casual Mario Kart tournament for students.

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