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The secret is out Ithaca is more than gorges.

One of Ithaca's many gorges
One of Ithaca's many gorges

Located in bucolic countryside punctuated by deep gorges, Ithaca is home to spectacular waterfalls and lakes, organic farms and wineries, a thriving music and arts community, and an invigorating climate year round. And it's no longer a closely guarded secret.

A sampling of recent national accolades include:

One of Ithaca's many gorges
The Ithaca Festival

Ithaca is accessible and within easy driving distance of many of the major Northeastern cities, including New York City and Boston.

International students and their families comprise 15% of Cornell University. From the local Tibetan Festival to the many Asian markets, Ithaca embraces the international community as a source of enrichment.

A center of the silent movie industry, Ithaca continues it's creative legacy with the Sagan Planet Walk, a true to scale model of the solar system that leads from the award-winning downtown Commons to the Sciencenter, a hands on science and technology museum.

Ithacans are friendly, innovative, and love good food.

One of Ithaca's many gorges
Students outside a cafe in Collegetown

It's not uncommon to run into friends, neighbors, professors, or fellow students on any downtown street.

Innovation and collaboration are not only Cornell Law School themes, they are evident even in the annual parade through downtown Ithaca, which features many innovative performances, including the Volvo Ballet and the He-Man Chainsaw Band.

Ithaca has more restaurants per capita than New York City, and it attracts diners from all around the world. Ithaca was recognized as one of the "foodiest" towns in the US by Bon Appetit Magazine. Ithaca is home to the famous Moosewood Restaurant, whose award-winning vegetarian cookbooks attract diners from around the country.