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Video Interviews

If traveling to interview in person is not feasible, an employer may be willing to conduct a "virtual" interview.


Barring unprecedented demand, each academic year, 2L and 3L students are entitled to five domestic video conferencing sessions of up to one hour each.

Due to the high costs of international video conferencing, all international video conferencing sessions must be individually pre-approved by Career Services staff, and students may be responsible to pay a portion of international charges.

Please see Director of Career Services with any questions.

The employer with whom you would like to interview must have ISDN or IP videoconferencing capacity to interface with the law school’s technology.

Contact Michael d’Estries, the law school’s Educational Technologies Manager, by email so that he can set up the video conference. In your email, provide the following:

  • Name of the employer
  • Name of the IT contact at the employer
  • Date and time on which you would like to conduct the interview
  • Whether the employer uses ISDN or IP technology
  • Employer’s ISDN or IP number

Email Michael with the above information at least one week before you would like to conduct the interview so that a connection test can be run prior to your interview date.


Employers are increasingly turning to Skype as a free, easy-to-use technology for virtual interviews. Most laptops bought within the last few years contain the requisite technology for using Skype. However, for students who do not have this technology, the IT Department has computer microphones and video cameras available to borrow.


Many employer, particularly those interviewing for 1L summer interns, will be satisfied with a simple telephone interview. Just be sure to sit in a quiet area with good cell reception so that you are not distracted during your call.