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Clarke Program in East Asian Law and Culture

The Clarke Program brings a broad interdisciplinary and humanistic focus to the study of law in East Asia. Through research, teaching, and scholarly dialogue, it seeks to expand the purview of legal scholarship and to develop new ways of thinking about transnational law, politics, and culture.

The program, funded by a gift to Cornell Law School by Jack and Dorothea Clarke, sponsors a variety of activities and events, including fellowships, conferences, lectures, collaborative research projects, short and long-term scholarly exchanges, and student exchanges.  

The Clarke Program’s mission is to foster collaboration - across disciplines, across cultures, and between established scholars and innovative young researchers - that brings to light new questions, and new answers on subjects of pressing contemporary concern.

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Research Workshop:

Legal and Diplomatic Responses to the Comfort Women Problem 

(June 19, 2014, Cornell Law School)

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International Conference Announcement: 
Democracy in an Age of Shifting Demographics 


(July 29, 2014, Seoul, Korea) 

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Annual Report 2013:

Our new annual report is now available online.
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Meridian 180:

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