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Cornell Law School: Study Abroad

For those wishing to study abroad during law school, Cornell offers a wide range of possibilities.  Please use the navigation menu on the left to explore your options.

Modern legal education must train students to succeed in a rapidly-evolving transnational environment. Mastery of a single nation's system of laws is no longer adequate, even if that nation is the United States.

Cornell Law School has a long history of, and strong institutional emphasis on, international and comparative legal studies. Allowing our students to study abroad is consistent with this institutional emphasis.

A summer, semester or longer (in the case of our dual-degree programs) of study abroad permits students to approach other legal systems and legal subjects from a non-U.S. perspective. It also provides access to courses and faculty that are not available at Cornell Law School on a regular basis and it affords students the invaluable experience of living and studying in another culture.