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Summer Funding - Cornell

Summer Public Interest Fellowships (PIFs)

Every first and second year student who chooses qualifying unpaid public interest or government employment - very broadly defined - receives a PIF. More than 100 $1,000 PIF grants were awarded in summer 2015.  The total grant for those students who qualified for federal work-study funding, which is the majority of students, was $4,000. 

The summer 2016 grant application deadline will be in early March, 2016.  Information will be forthcoming from the Office of Public Service.  Meanwhile, you can review the 2015 Summer Grant FAQs for general information.

Public International PIFs

Students taking summer legal internships with overseas government agencies or non-profits are unable to utilize work-study funds. Five $2,400 Public International PIF grants are available each year. These grants are coupled with the PIF grants (described above), enabling our overseas interns access to full $4,000 summer stipends.

Click here to view a searchable list of the 1,380 PIF and International PIF grants awarded since 1996.