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Summer Funding - Cornell

Summer Public Interest Fellowships (PIFs)

Every first and second year student who chooses qualifying unpaid public interest or government employment - very broadly defined - receives a PIF. 101 $1,600 PIF grants were awarded in summer 2013.  The total grant for those students who qualified for federal work-study funding, which is the majority of students, was $4,000.  

The application deadline for summer 2014 is Monday, March 3.  Consult the
PIF FAQs for details.

Public International PIFs

Students taking summer legal internships with overseas government agencies or non-profits are unable to utilize work-study funds. Five $2,400 Public International PIF grants are available each year. These grants are coupled with the PIF grants (described above), enabling our overseas interns access to full $4,000 summer stipends.

Click here to view a list of the 1,180 grants awarded since 1996.