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Fellow CRN4 Friends and Colleagues-

The Annual LSA meeting is approaching, and we wanted to give you a sense of the activity surrounding our CRN on Lay Participation. Our big day is Thursday, May 29 and early Friday, May 30. Click here for the list of panels on Thursday, which begin bright and early at 8:15AM and run throughout the day, right up until the evening reception. We have two co-sponsored panels with CRN33, East Asian Law and Society. On Friday at 8:15AM, we will be holding a business meeting for our group in the Hilton Board Room #3. Please try to attend. This is not only a way to try to plan and update, but it also serves as a signal to LSA that we are a healthy, vibrant group. Feel free to eat your breakfast ahead of time, or you are welcome to “bring your own” (BYO) in terms of breakfast (no shame to eat in front of us!). Coffee in hand or not, we do hope you can join us. Because Valerie, Sanja and I all have complicated travel schedules this time around, we were not able to schedule a dinner out for one of the nights. But we hope you will use the sessions and even the business meeting to look for opportunities to gather more informally to go out on the town together.

See you in a few short weeks!

-Mary (with Sanja and Valerie)

Previous News/Announcements

5/30/13-6/2/13: Law and Society Association meeting in Boston, MA.
Click here for panels and papers on Lay Participation presented at 2013 Law & Society Association meeting

6/5/12-6/8/12: International Law and Society Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii Click on this link for a listing of 2012 LSA panels and papers on lay participation in law

3/25/11: Popular Justice: Beyond Judges and Juries
Click here for more info

2/26/09: Takashi Maruta, Professor of Law, Kwansei Gakuin University Law School, Japan, and Visiting Scholar, Center for Japanese Legal Studies, Columbia University, Lay Participation in Legal Decision Making Comes to Japan:

Professor Maruta has been a major influence in the development of Japanese legal reforms, including the introduction of Saiban-in Seido, the Japanese reform in which six lay citizens and three professional judges decide serious criminal cases jointly. In his 2009 talk at Cornell, Professor Maruta discussed the law reform process that led to this particular form of citizen participation in legal decision making, and the special challenges that he and others confronted and continue to face in developing a strong and vibrant system of lay participation in Japan.

8/16/09: Foreigners size up lay judge system Citizens' willingness to serve contrasts with other nations that allow public participation:

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