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Lay Participation in Law International Research Collaborative

The "Lay Participation in Law International Research Collaborative" is a transnational collaborative team dedicated to research on the phenomenon of lay participation in court systems and the fundamental sociolegal issues that it raises.  The IRC, comprised of members from Argentina, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Spain and the USA, shares information vital to the creation of jury systems, mixed tribunals and other ways of citizen involvement in legal systems worldwide.  The IRC is organized by Professor Valerie Hans of Cornell University Law School under the auspices of the Law and Society Association.


5/30/13-6/2/13: Law and Society Association meeting in Boston, MA.
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on Lay Participation presented at 2013 Law & Society Association meeting

3/22/13-3/23/13: The panel, Lay Participation Systems and their Socio-Legal Implications in East Asia and the World, was presented at the East Asian Law and Society Conference in Shanghai, China, in March 2013. Panelists included several members of our CRN/IRC: 
1. Valerie Hans (Cornell Law School), Comparative Empirical Study of Lay Participation in Legal Decision Making
2. Jisuk Woo & Jae-Hyup Lee (Seoul National University, Seoul National University), What's Happening in a Jury Room? Insights from a Shadow Jury Deliberation Study in Korea
3. Hiroshi Fukurai (UC Santa Cruz) & William Qiu (UC Berkeley), Why is Uncle Sam Watching Your Dikasteria?
4. Justin Levinson (University of Hawaii School of Law), New Jury Research: An Implicit Bias and Cultural Psychological Critique