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Labor Law

Labor Law Clinic

Labor Law Clinic

"I enjoyed the opportunity to do real work that actually helped clients. This was a truly rewarding experience and since I plan to go into labor and employment law, this was a great educational experience, and I was glad that I got to help my clients."


Labor law panel with a guy on the left and woman on his right.

Labor Law Panel

The Labor Law Clinic provides students interested in the field of labor and employment law with the opportunity to deepen their understanding through practice. Students represent the interests of workers and their unions with a range of labor and employment law issues, including unfair labor practice charges before the National Labor Relations Board, organizing activities, collective bargaining, grievance resolution, mediation and arbitration and statutory employment claims. The Clinic also handles international labor law cases that can relate to the ILO, Inter-American Human Rights System, labor provisions in trade agreements and enforcement of private agreements involving transnational enterprises.

All of the clinic's work is client-driven and students are at the forefront of the representation and counseling. Students will develop a range of valuable lawyering skills, including: 1) interviewing and counseling;2) practice-oriented research, writing and drafting;3) trial skills (opening, direct and cross-examination, dealing with evidentiary issues);4) working collaboratively;5) public presentations;6) transactional case work;and 7) strategic planning. Students gain an understanding of client representation in the administrative process and through the private dispute resolution mechanisms of mediation and final and binding arbitration.

This clinic focuses on workers' collective rights and freedom of association. In this context, our work can have a much broader and more lasting impact on advancing workplace rights and economic justice.

"This has been one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences in law school for me."

A small number of students will have the opportunity to dedicate their clinical time to international labor law issues. These students will support the legal work of non-profit organizations currently working in this arena. Student contribution in the international labor law area will likely be research oriented.