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Administrative Deans

Elizabeth Brundige
Assistant Dean for International Programs
Assistant Clinical Professor of Law
Executive Director, Avon Global Center for Women & Justice

Femi Cadmus
Edward Cornell Law Librarian, Associate Dean for Library Services and Senior Lecturer in Law

Karen V. Comstock
Assistant Dean for Public Service

Peter Cronin
Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs and Development

John R. DeRosa
Associate Dean for Career Services

Martha Fitzgerald
Associate Dean for Communications

Barbara J. Holden-Smith
Vice Dean and Professor of Law

Aimée Houghton
Assistant Dean for Graduate Legal Studies

Monica Ingram
Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Sheri Lynn Johnson
Associate Dean for Public Engagement and the James and Mark Flanagan Professor of Law

Ofer Leshed
Associate Dean for Administration & Finance

Markeisha J. Miner
Dean of Students

Jens David Ohlin
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law

Elizabeth K. Peck
Assistant Dean for Professional Development and Clerkships

Eduardo M. Peñalver
Allan R. Tessler Dean and Professor of Law

Richard F. Robinson
Associate Dean for Administration and Finance

Laura Spitz
Vice Provost, Cornell University
Associate Dean for International Affairs, Cornell Law School