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What is Ithaca like?Over the years, Ithaca has collected numerous accolades. Most recently, Ithaca was named listed one of Kiplinger’s list of top ten smart towns. Also, Ithaca has been heralded as the "most enlightened city" by the Utne Reader, a national magazine. In many ways Ithaca is the quintessential "college town," because when both Cornell University and Ithaca College are in session there are 25,000 students in Ithaca which has a population of 50,000 non-student residents.

For students, Ithaca is a student-focused community where many business and services cater to the student market. Other national magazines have described the City of Ithaca in the following issues:

  • "Homecomings Amid the Gorges" New York Times, November 13, 2008
  • "America's 5 Best Mountain Biking Towns," Bike Magazine
  • "60 Best American Public Places," Utne Reader
  • "American Values-Where to Buy a Retirement Home," Smart Money Magazine
  • "Best Places to Vacation," Money Magazine
  • "2002 Travel and Leisure 100 Great Escapes: Top 10 Trips," Travel & Leisure Magazine
  • "Best Fly Fishing Through North America,” Fish and Fly Magazine
  • "25 Terrific Places to Bring up a Family," Mothering Magazine
  • "Number 1 Emerging City," Cities Ranked and Rated by Bert Sperling and Peter Sander
  • "America's 2nd most eco-friendly metropolitan area," Country Home Magazine
  • "Top ten places to live for gay and lesbian people,"  The Advocate Magazine

For more detailed information about Ithaca, please visit the following websites:

What is the weather really like?Ithaca certainly enjoys a change of seasons from a colorful spring to a summer free of humidity to a crisp fall with vibrant foliage. There is also a season known as winter in Ithaca, but it is much ado about nothing. The Cornell campus does receive snow during winter, but this is often the most picturesque time in Ithaca. Most law students live so close to campus that getting to law school never becomes an issue.

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When can I visit Cornell Law?You’re invited to visit us whenever it’s convenient for you. However, we encourage you to visit while students are in session and when we have a student tour guide to show you around and answer questions. We also have a self-guided tour if one of our staff members will not be available.  Please call the Admissions Office several days before you plan to arrive to schedule your visit.

Are University campus tours offered?Guided walking tours of the Cornell campus are offered throughout the year (except from late December through early January).

  • The tours begin at the Information and Referral Center in the Day Hall lobby, no appointments are required.
  • The tours are mostly outdoors; each lasts about one hour and 15 minutes.
  • Tours include information about Cornell’s undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools and colleges. Visit this link for additional information: Read more.

What are your office hours?Monday to Thursday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Friday, 8:00AM – 4:00PM

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What extracurricular activities are offered at Cornell Law?There is a plethora of student organizations at Cornell Law. Please follow the link for more information.

Do many Cornell Law Students come straight from their undergraduate institutions?Approximately 65 percent of the First Year class spent one or more years off before enrolling in Law School.

What was the average age of the 1L class?The age of our incoming students this year ranged from 21 to 32 years old, with the median age about 25 years old.

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What resources are available to find housing in Ithaca?Campus Life at Cornell University maintains information about all on campus housing. The following are helpful links about housing in Ithaca:

  • Cornell Graduate & Professional Student Housing
  • Student housing offers a wide range of options, including numerous complexes where families are more than welcome.
  • Cornell's off-campus housing accommodates many Law School students. For more information on off-campus listings of apartments and houses for rent in the Ithaca area, see here.

Other helpful links to find housing in Ithaca are listed below:

Can I obtain a parking space?Parking permits are available for purchase on a space-available basis. Please visit the transportation office for the price, location and other important details, or see here.

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