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Ewha Woman's University Seoul, South Korea

Cornell Law School may send up to two students each fall or spring semester to Ewha.  However, spring placements are available for 2Ls only.




Ewha Woman's University is the world's largest university for women with 21,000 students, 14 colleges, and 14 graduate schools.  Ewha offers a co-educational international program and welcomes all students, both male and female.               

The University's first Department of Law was founded in 1950 and for over 50 years has produced numerous professors, judges, lawyers, government administrators and other legal professionals. The current College of Law, which selects 200 new students every year, was established in March, 1996. It has grown to be the best College of Law for women in Korea and is ranked in the top 6 out of 100 Korean law schools in the number of students and graduates passing the Korean bar examination. Ewha College of Law puts forth the utmost efforts to produce competent professors and lawyers, who can make great contributions to society and to the advancement of the status of women.

The College of Law offers sufficient English language courses for Cornell students to take a full load of courses in English, and exchange students can choose from courses in English and Korean. The curriculum includes an introduction to Korean law, corporate law, international law, international trade law, competition law and intellectual property law.


  • Fall Semester:  September 1 - mid-December
  • Spring Semester:  March 2 - mid-June


Interested students should consult the Ewha website for more details.