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Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona, Spain

Cornell Law School may send up to four students to Pompeu Fabra’s law faculty each academic year.  Fall semester students would attend Pompeu Fabra's First Term, Spring semester students would attend the Second Term.

Language(s) of Instruction:
Spanish, Catalan (not necessary)

Created by an act of the Catalan parliament in 1990, Pompeu Fabra is a public university located in the heart of Barcelona, on a campus near the harbor.

Academic Calendar:
First Term: Lectures–mid-September to early-December; Exams–early-to mid-December

Second Term: Lectures–early-January to mid-March; Exams–mid to late-March

Sample Courses:
For a general idea of law courses available at Pompeu Fabra, see course offerings here.

Further Information:

The Faculty of Law webpage is here.
There is an English-language Pompeu Fabra website for exchange students (from which navigation to other pages is possible).