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Judicial Externship

The Judicial Externship This course provides the student with the opportunity to learn about judges, the judicial decision-making process, and the justice system in general, while working as a clerk, one or two days a week, in one of a wide range of New York state and federal trial and appellate judge’s chambers. The course is highly recommended for the student (whether J.D. or LL.M. student) who wishes to better understand the unique perspective of a trial or appellate court judge.

“Great perspective on the way a judge thinks; should be mandatory for trial lawyers.” Anonymous student’s course evaluation comment

The student’s work at the court placement includes: observation in court and in chambers, discussions with the judge and other staff, and research and writing on pending litigation, including the occasional drafting of actual court opinions.

“I learned more about ‘the practice’ of law in this course than all my other courses combined.” Anonymous student’s course evaluation comment

While the work at each student’s placement is the primary focus of the course, this is supplemented by a classroom component that includes: the sharing of experiences from the various placements, reflective journals, and discussions and presentations by faculty and students on a wide variety of topics related to the justice system. The class also takes occasional “field trips” to sites chosen by the students.

“Incredible course and I gained an amazing perspective into the judicial mind and decision making process.” Anonymous student’s course evaluation comment