Externships Short

Legislative Externship

For students interested in politics, policy issues, legislation and the legislative process, the Legislative Externship offers important insights in these areas as well as an opportunity to work in a less traditional legal setting. In this externship, students work with Assemblymember Barbara Lifton and other members of her staff. Students will be involved in researching areas for possible legislative action, drafting legislation and tracking legislation for constituents, but generally will not be involved in mundane constituent service requests.

During the externship, students gain experience in:

  • Using one’s knowledge of the law and legal research to evaluate legislative proposals and advise a legislator regarding various proposals
  • Drafting memoranda and legislation
  • Examining various approaches for evaluating policy issues and remedying problems which have been identified
  • Presenting legal information and knowledge to a lay person in a less traditional setting

“It was interesting to see what goes on behind making and drafting a law, and the politics involved.” Anonymous student’s course evaluation comment

On average students spend 12 hours per week working on projects for the externship. The classroom component of the course is provided by bi-weekly meetings with the instructor. Students also submit journals, reflecting on their work and experiences during the externship.

“Very informative, interesting, and emotionally challenging work.” Anonymous student’s course evaluation comment