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Neighborhood Legal Services Externship

For students interested in providing legal assistance to indigent clients in civil matters with the opportunity to observe the workings of a legal services office, the Neighborhood Legal Services Externship is the perfect match. In this externship, students work under the guidance of the attorneys, representing clients of the Ithaca office of Legal Assistance of Western New York (LAWNY). Students are involved in the full range of client representation including:

  • Interviewing and counseling clients
  • Gathering factual information, interviewing witnesses, and evaluating facts
  • Case planning, factual investigation and evaluation of facts
  • Legal research and writing
  • Administrative hearing advocacy

“A very interesting and extremely practical course with a wide range of possible case types to work on!” Anonymous student’s course evaluation comment

Students spend between 12 and 15 hours weekly at the Neighborhood Legal Services Office. The classroom component of the course is provided by the Clinical Skills classes and occasional meetings with the instructor. Students also submit journals, reflecting on their work and experiences during the externship.