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People and Departments

Mailing Address: Cornell Law School, Myron Taylor Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853-4901

News Media Relations

Cornell University Media Relations


Rebecca Bowes

Director of Communications


Ofer Leshed

Associate Dean for Administration and Finance
(607) 255-4299

Admissions and Financial Aid

Monica Ingram

Associate Dean, Admissions and Financial Aid
(607) 255-5141

Alumni & Development

Shawn Gavin

Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs & Development
(607) 255-3373 (development office)
(607) 255-5251 (alumni office)

Career Services

John DeRosa

Associate Dean for Career Services
(607) 255-9982

Akua Akyea

Assistant Dean for Public Service
(607) 255-3597


Martha Fitzgerald

Associate Dean for Communications
(607) 255-6596

Clinical Programs

John Blume

(607) 255-1030

Graduate Legal Studies: LLM and JSD Programs

Aimée Houghton

Assistant Dean for Graduate Legal Studies
(607) 255-5185

Human Resources

Liz Flint

(607) 255-2101

Information Technologies

Paul R. Weber

(607) 255-2829

International Legal Studies

Elizabeth Brundige

Assistant Dean for International Programs and Jack G. Clarke Executive Director of International and Comparative Legal Studies
(607) 255-3014

Judicial Engagement and professional development

Elizabeth Peck

Assistant Dean
(607) 255-9057

Law Library
(607) 255-7236

The Lawyering Program

Joel Atlas

(607) 255-1348

Legal Aid Clinic

Susan Tosto

Clinic Administrator
(607) 255-4196

PUBLIC Service

Akua Akyea

Associate Dean for Career Services and Employer Relations
(607) 255-3597


Eric Lavin
(607) 255-7190

Student Services

Markeisha J. Miner

Dean of Students
(607) 255-5839


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