JD Program at Cornell Tech

JD Tech Program Affiliated Faculty

Matt D'Amore
Associate Dean for Professional Programs

Stephani Sharron
Law 6459
Financial Technology

Pablow Quinones
Law 6205
Cyber Enforcement, Regulation & Policy Analysis

David E. Weiss and Mark Lutes
Law 6305
Digital Health  Law

Steve Venuto
Law 6648
Lifecycle of Venture-Funded Tech Startup: Business Issues and Legal Considerations

Scott Rechschaffen, Kevin Mulcahy, Max Paterson
Law 6304
Delivering Legal Services through Technology- Legal Insights & App-Building Skills

Richard T. Ross
Law 6536
Internet Transactions

Mark Underberg
Law 6764
Practical Lawyering

James Grimmelman
Law 6512
Intellectual Property