Alumni Short

Law and Humanities Colloquium

March 8

Leti Volpp (UC-Berkeley Law), “Refugees Welcome?"

March 22                           

Jill Richards (Yale English), “The Art of Not Having Children: Birth Strike, Sabotage, and the Reproductive Atlantic”

March 27 (Tuesday)           

Renisa Mawani (Univ of British Columbia, Sociology), “The Free Sea: A Counter Legal History”

March 29     

Philip Lorenz (Cornell English), “Oaths, Violence, and Baroque Reason”

April 12                                

Justin Desautels-Stein (Univ of Colorado School of Law), “Ideology and Law: A Return to Form”

April 19                                

James Whitman (Yale Law School), “Two Primitive Modes of Property: Owning Humans, Owning Land”