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Lay Participation in Law Course Syllabi

The links below connect to course syllabi in the area of juries and lay participation. Please contact us if you teach on these topics and would like your syllabus to be included.

Valerie Hans, Professor at Cornell Law School: Judging the Jury

Valerie Hans, Professor at Cornell Law School: Contemporary American Jury

Neil Vidmar, Professor at Duke University Law School: Seminar on the Contemporary American Jury

Paula Hannaford-Agor, Adjunct Professor at William & Mary Law School: The American Jury: Fall 2016

Judge Gregory Mize, Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University Law Center: Jury Trials in America: Understanding and Practicing Before a Pure Form Democracy

Stephen Thaman, Professor at St. Louis University: Comparative Criminal Procedure Seminar

Hiroshi Fukurai, Professor in the Department of Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz: World Jury on Trial

Justin Sevier, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Illinois College of Law: The American Jury: Fall 2011

Joel D. Lieberman, Professor and Chair, University of Nevada, Las Vegas: Jury Decision-Making

Edmundo Samuel Hendler, Professor at University of Buenos Aires: Juries and Oral Trials (in Spanish)

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