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J.D. Program in Information and Technology Law at Cornell Tech Campus

As technology continues to transform our economy and culture, businesses need a new breed of lawyers who understand the legal and commercial aspects of new technology as well as the challenges of bringing new products and new companies to market.

At the Cornell Tech campus, you’ll explore the diverse legal issues raised by information and technology, such as privacy and cybersecurity as well as the constitutional and regulatory implications of new technology and big data. And, you’ll be taught by leading experts, which have included current and former law firm partners, the CEO of a legal tech company executives, in-house privacy counsel, law faculty from Cornell Law School, and many others drawn from the New York City legal and technology communities. You may also take courses offered through the Johnson School offered at the Cornell Tech campus, subject to the usual restrictions on the number of credits that may be taken outside the Law School, and any prerequisites or instructor permission that may be required by the course.

In addition, you are eligible for and encouraged to seek out part-time externships. Our course programming concentrates most classes on three days a week so that you can engage in externship opportunities at technology companies, with judges, or in legal aid organizations.

Cornell Tech
Sample Classes

Please note: Some law courses offered at Cornell Tech are streamed to Myron Taylor.

  • Law of Financial Technology
  • Internet Law, Privacy, and Security
  • Cyber Enforcement, Regulation, and Policy Analysis
  • Consumer Data Privacy
  • Trade Secrets Law and Practice
  • Intellectual Property
  • Law of Robots
  • Digital Health Law
  • Practical Lawyering
  • Internet Transactions

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