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Cornell Law School: Dual Degrees

A pioneer in establishing dual degrees with foreign law schools, Cornell Law School offers a select group of students - those with excellent academic records, as well as French language fluency - the opportunity to earn both a Cornell J.D. and a graduate law degree from a European partner institution:

Admission to the Programs:
Those interested in the J.D./Master en Droit may apply as a part of their initial application to Cornell Law School. Persons admitted to Cornell Law School, but not into a dual degree program upon initial application are free to apply again during the Spring semester of their first year of law school.

Juris Doctor - Master en Droit Degree Program

This program is offered jointly by Cornell Law School and the Université de Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne as a four-year joint degree program. At the completion of the program students will receive both the Master en Droit and the Juris Doctor degree. Participants will spend their first two years at Cornell Law School and their final two years at the Université de Paris I.

  • Applicants must be completely fluent in both English and French.
  • American applicants must have the customary undergraduate training for admission to law school.
  • French applicants must have the Baccalaureate degree and at least two years of advanced study at a French institution.

Students admitted to this program pay full Cornell tuition and fees during the first two years of study at Cornell. In the third and fourth years in Paris, they are required to pay 50% of the normal Cornell third-year tuition. Students may continue to receive financial aid during the two years in Paris. Their package will reflect 50% tuition and the expenses of living in Paris as opposed to Ithaca.

To apply, please indicate your interest in this program on your application. Read more about this program.