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Ying Zhou

JSD candidate Ying Zhou smiling on a grey background
Ying Zhou

Ying Zhou, from China, joined Cornell Law School's J.S.D program in 2016 with the Cornell Law School Graduate Fellowship. Her research interests concentrate on Conflict of Laws, Comparative Legal Theories, International Commercial Arbitration, International Investment Law, and Family Law. She holds LL.M. and LL.B. degrees from Cornell Law School and Shandong University respectively and is admitted to practice law in New York and in People's Republic of China. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts from Shandong University, China. Immediately prior to her study at Cornell Law School, she worked as a teaching and research assistant at Shandong University in the areas of Conflict of Laws, International Commercial Arbitration, and Comparative Family Law. At Cornell, she received the CALI Excellence For the Future Award in the study of Contracts for LL.M. Students (2016).

Research Interests

Conflict of Laws
Comparative Legal Theories
Comparative Politics
International Commercial Arbitration
International Investment Law
Family Law

Dissertation Committee

Annelise Riles ( Chair )
Mitchel Lasser
Yu Xingzhong

Dissertation Topic

On the Harmonization of Contractual Conflict of Laws in East Asia (ASEAN+3).
The dissertation aims to answer the question of how to harmonize the contractual Conflict of Laws in East Asia (ASEAN+3), in order to facilitate international trade by increasing certainty and predictability in the settlement of disputes, and at the same time promote friendly relations among East Asian countries, thereby contributing to the maintenance of peace and security in the region.

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The Reform of Chinese Household Registration System and the Concept of "Residence" under Chinese Law, Journal of Fujian Police College, 31 (ISSN 1674-4853, Apr. 2015)
On the Judicial Definition of Habitual Residence in Chinese Conflict of Laws, Journal of Heilongjiang Administrative Cadre College of Politics and Law, 137 (ISSN 1008-7966, Jan.2015)

Awards and Fellowships

CALI Excellence For the Future Award in the study of Contracts for LLM Students (2016)
Cornell Law School Graduate Fellowship (2016)
Chinese National Scholarship (2013)