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In Ithaca, landlords determine which utilities are covered in your rent and which the tenant pays directly. There is no standard. Below is a listing of the local utilities, including phone and cable companies.

Gas and Electric: New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG)
(800) 572-1111

Telephone Service: Verizon Communications
(607) 890-7100

Cell Phone Service: Check your current provider to be sure you have service. If you need new service, check with the following:

Verizon Wireless
ATT Wireless
Sprint and Nextel

Cable Television: Time Warner Cable
(607) 272-3456

Satellite Television:DirectTV
(877) 373-9168

(844) 509-9679


(888) 708-5183

Time Warner Cable
(877) 313-2337

Verizon DSL
(877) 483-5898


Computing at Cornell (607) 255-8990


RecyclinG: Recycling in Tompkins County for new residences


Check with your landlord regarding which garbage collecting service picks up your garbage, and whether you will need to pay.