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In Ithaca, landlords determine which utilities are covered in your rent and which the tenant pays directly. There is no standard. Below is a listing of the local utilities, including phone and cable companies.

Gas and Electric: New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG)
(800) 572-1111

Telephone Service: Verizon Communications
(607) 890-7100

Cell Phone Service: Check your current provider to be sure you have service. If you need new service, check with the following:

Verizon Wireless
ATT Wireless
Sprint and Nextel

Cable Television: Time Warner Cable
(607) 272-3456

Satellite Television:DirectTV
(877) 373-9168

(844) 509-9679


(888) 708-5183

Time Warner Cable
(877) 313-2337

Verizon DSL
(877) 483-5898


Computing at Cornell (607) 255-8990


RecyclinG: Recycling in Tompkins County for new residences
Tompkins County Recycling Calendar


Check with your landlord regarding which garbage collecting service picks up your garbage, and whether you will need to pay.