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You got the interview! What next?

Preparing for the Interview

  • Know your resume. Every single word on your resume is fair game for the interviewer. Go over your resume line by line and make sure you are ready to answer questions about each item.
  • Research the employer’s practice and the work of attorneys you will meet by reviewing websites and talking to alumni or students who have previously worked for the employer. You may want to call the employer the day before your interview to request the name(s) of your interviewer(s).
  • Make copies of the following documents to bring with you: (1) resume, (2) writing sample, (3) reference list, and (4) transcript. Unofficial grade reports from our registrar's office are fine unless an employer specifically requests an official transcript, available from the university registrar.
  • Consider scheduling a mock interview. During this one-hour practice interview, a career counselor will play the role of interviewer for the first half of the hour; in the second half, the counselor will provide you feedback on your performance.
  • Review our sample questions and speak to a counselor if you have questions or concerns about how to answer them.

Tips for Interview Day

  • Make a good impression by dressing appropriately and professionally. Carry your documents in a neat-looking portfolio.
  • Know where the interview is and sure to leave plenty of time to deal with transportation delays, parking issues, building security, etc.
  • Be prepared to “carry” the interview. Most people who interview you are in the law business, not human resources. There will be a wide variety in the abilities of your interviewers. Have questions prepared to keep the conversation going.
  • Listen. Some interviewers like to do all the talking; try not to interrupt too often. Ironically, many interviewers will have a positive feeling about an interview in which they did a lot of the talking.
  • Focus on the positive. Don't gloss over the possible negatives, but don't spend valuable interview time making excuses. Practice answering the hardest questions beforehand through a mock interview or role playing with a friend.
  • Be Honest. Your word is one of your greatest assets. When in doubt, tell the truth.