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Clinics and Programs: Clarke Program on the Law and Regulation of Financial Institutions and Markets

  • Robert C. Hockett

    Media Coverage Washington Post Robert Hockett and Michael Dorf: Mint the Coin? Buy Back Bonds? 7 ‘Gimmicks’ for Dodging the Debt Limit Forbes Robert Hockett: Reorganizing to Make America Make Again: The National Development Strategy…

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  • Dan Awrey

    Education B.A., Queens University, 1998 LL.B., Queens University, 2002 LL.M., University of Toronto, 2008 D.Phil., University of Oxford, 2012 Publications “The Promise and Perils of Open Finance”, 40 Yale J. on Reg. [forthcoming]; co-authored with Joshua Macey. “Open Access, Interoperability, and the…

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  • Saule Omarova

    Media Coverage CNBC Saule T. Omarova: Here’s What the Wells Fargo Cross-Selling Scandal Means for the Bank’s Growth Axios Prof. Omarova’s Plan For "Public Venture Capital" MarketWatch…

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