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Media Coverage for Valerie Hans

Professor of Law

Hans Comments on Getting a Fair Jury Trial During the Pandemic
Law360, August 31, 2020

Hans Participates in Video Program on Jury Trials in the Era of COVID-19
Civil Justice Initiative , July 10, 2020

Hans Comments on the Road for Jury Trials as Pandemic Rages
Courthouse News, May 22, 2020

Hans Discusses Jury Selection in Weinstein Case
The Associated Press, January 8, 2019

Hans Among Three Faculty Members to Receive Einaudi Center Seed Grant
Cornell Chronicle, December 4, 2018

Hans on How #MeToo Movement Will Shape Bill Cosby Retrial
The New York Times, January 18, 2018

Hans on the History of the Sixth Amendment
The Wall Street Journal, December 8, 2017

The Cosby Hung Jury Captures Our Cultural Ambivalence About Sexual Assault
Huff Post, June 30, 2017

Hans Discusses Jury Selection and the use of Consultants
Life of the Law, November 3, 2015

Hans on Dewey & LeBeouf Jury Deliberations
Bloomberg, October 7, 2015

Hans Comments on Diverse Juries and the Benefits They Provide
Charlotte Observer, July 28, 2015

Hans Weighs in on Possible James Holmes Insanity Verdict
NBC News, July 14, 2015

Hans on the Psychology of Tort Law
Corporate Crime Reporter, July 13, 2015

Hans Part of Group Researching Ways to Reduce the Variability of Monetary Judgments by Juries
Cornell Chronicle, July 8, 2015

Hans Discusses Wrongful Convictions During Charter Day Panel
Cornell Chronicle, July 6, 2015

Hans Comments on the Etan Patz Mistrial
CBS News, June 30, 2015

Hans on Cal Harris Mistrial
Star Gazette, June 30, 2015