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Colloquium Series

Every week faculty, law students and senior graduate students meet over lunch to discuss works-in-progress on law and culture in East Asia. This informal setting encourages discussion, and the focus on new and cross-disciplinary research provides a nuanced view of Asian institutions and practices. Students have the option of participating in the Colloquium Series for credit.  The Colloquium Series offers a unique and appealing way for students from across the university to learn directly from prominent scholars and intellectuals about the legal culture of East Asia. More about our Colloquium Series...

 Fall 2009 Colloquium Series Events:


Mitsuru Claire Chino (J.D. '91, Corporate Counsel, Itochu Corporation, Japan) presents at a Fall '09 Colloquium Series event.

  • W. Calvin Ho, JSD candidate, Cornell University:
    "Documents: 'Gifts' of Form in the Debate on Hybrids and Chimeras"

  • Andrew Mertha, Associate Professor of Chinese Politics, Department of Government, Cornell University:
    "Political Pluralization in China 2003–2006: Lessons from Hydropower and International Trade"

  • Robin M. LeBlanc, Professor of Politics, Department of Politics, Washington and Lee University (co-sponsored with Cornell University East Asia Program):
    "The Art of the Gut: Manhood and Ethics in Japanese Politics"

  • Karen Knop, Professor of Law, University of Toronto Law School:
    "The Tokyo Women's Tribunal and the Turn to Fiction"

  • John H. Blume, Professor of Law and Director, Cornell Death Penalty Project:
    "Movements to 'Reform' the Death Penalty in China and Thailand: What will the Future Bring?"

  • Mitsuru Claire Chino, J.D. '91, Corporate Counsel, Itochu Corporation, Japan:
    "Diversity in the Japanese Workplace: Law and Practice"

  • Timothy Webster, J.D., LL.M. '06, Senior Fellow, the China Law Center, and Lecturer in Law, Yale Law School:
    "Ambivalence and Activism: A Short History of Employment Discrimination in China"

  • Xin He, Associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong School of Law:
    "Street as Courtroom: State Accommodation of Labor Protests in South China"

  • Leila Choukroune, Assistant Professor, Department of Law and Taxation, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Paris:
    "Critical and Theoretical Approaches to the Chinese Legal Reforms from Tiananmen to the Harmonious Society"

  • Amy Cohen, the Michael E. Moritz College of Law, Ohio State University:
    "Thinking with Culture in Law and Development: Examples from Nepal"

  • Joel Haims and Karen Hagberg, Morrison & Foerster US, and Xiaohu Ma, Morrison & Foerster Beijing:
    "Morrison Foerster Practice in Japan, the US, and China: Dealing with Asian Legal Issues"

Fall 2010 Colloquium Series Events:

Yu Xingzhong

Yu Xingzhong, (Professor of Law, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Fall 2010 Wang Distinguished Visiting Professor, Cornell Law School) presents at a Fall 2010 Colloquium Series event.

  • Shigeki Uno, Associate Professor, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo:
    "Democracy and Religion: How Can We Apply 'Secularization' Theory to Japan?"

  • Samson Lim, Ph.D. candidate, Cornell University:
    "From Clues to Reenactments: The Aesthetics of Evidence in Modern Thailand"

  • Ko Hasegawa, Professor of Philosophy of Law, University of Hokkaido School of Law:
    "Normative Ingredients of Law in the Light of Cultural Difference"

  • Takayuki Kihira, LL.M. '06, Partner at Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, Tokyo:
    "Mergers and Acquisitions Surge in Japan: Lessons from Unsolicited Takeover Bids"

  • Ko Hasewaga, Professor of Philosophy of Law, University of Hokkaido School of Law:
    "Cultural Complexity and the Place of Law"

  • Ko-Yung Tung, Senior Counselor, Morrison & Foerster LLP, New York:
    "Practicing Law in Asia: New Challenges and Opportunities"

  • Shuhei Aoki, Bank of Japan General Manager for the Americas and Chief Representative in New York:
    "Similarities and Differences of Two Economies after the Bubble Burst"

  • Yu Xingzhong, Professor of Law, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Fall 2010 Wang Distinguished Visiting Professor, Cornell Law School:
    "Non-Finality, Xinfang, and Traditional Chinese View on Access to Justice"