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Clarke Program Online:

Starting in the fall of 2010, the online presence of the Clarke Program was redesigned, diversified and expanded. This overhaul is part of a larger and ambitious online project that will unfold in early 2011 and take the Program in exciting and innovative directions. As part of this new online enterprise, the homepage of the Clarke Program hosted on the Cornell Law School website has been entirely redesigned. The layout and structure of our site have been streamlined to further highlight current and upcoming events. This simplified homepage makes our online content more readily accessible to the increasing number of visitors from around the world who discover the Program and are eager to learn about its activities.

You can now visit the Clarke Program page on Facebook and follow our current events and activities on Twitter.

On-Campus Outreach and Cross-Campus Collaboration:

One of the central missions of the Clarke Program is to foster a greater collaboration between Cornell Law School and other colleges, schools and units across the Cornell campus. Regardless of their major, undergraduate students are welcome to join our events and every year, more graduate students contribute to and benefit from the Clarke Program's commitment to graduate training and interdisciplinarity.


Amy Levine, Ph. D. '11 candidate, Anthropology Department.

"The Clarke Program has been a gift by exposing me to people, colloquia, conferences, and ways of thinking that I would have otherwise never encountered. I cannot imagine my time at Cornell without the program."




Raymond Woo, Masters student, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs.


 "The perspectives offered by people as divergent as legal philosophers, economic policy experts, and corporate lawyers at the Clarke Program were very intellectually stimulating for me, giving me new interdisciplinary insights for my own research in law and development policy."