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Student Exchange Program

 Cornell Law School launched a student-exchange program with Peking University that began in fall 2008. The initiative is the first exchange program developed between Cornell Law School and a university in mainland China. The program is the culmination of the growing ties between Cornell Law School and Peking University Law School, which has already resulted in four joint academic conferences.

Four students from each university participate in the exchange program for one semester and take courses in either English or Chinese, depending on their Chinese-language competence. Cornell Law School also has student exchange programs with Waseda University Law School in Tokyo and University of Hong Kong.

In total since fall 2008, forty-seven law students have been taking part in those exchange programs, either visiting universities in Asia from Cornell or visiting Cornell from Asia.


Liu Zijia, Visiting student from Peking University (Fall 2008)

"The people at Cornell Law School taught me that the spirit behind the law, no matter whether western or eastern, should be cared for with honesty."



Justin Yi '09.

"Studying abroad at Beijing University gave me an opportunity not only to learn the fundamentals of the Chinese legal system, but perhaps more importantly, to understand how people in East Asia learn, think, and live."


Mi Yao, Visiting student from Peking University (Fall 2010)

"I was greatly nourished by the academic and cultural diversity of Cornell University during the exchange program. This great experience was quite valuable to my personal development and future legal career."