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History and Purpose of the Program

Founded in 2002, the Clarke Program represents a unique experiment in American legal academics.  It is the only East-Asian law program at an American law school to focus primarily on producing academic scholarship rather than on providing practical legal training.  Relatedly, it is also the only such program to have an expressly interdisciplinary and humanistic orientation. 

The Clarke Program's mission is to foster collaboration--across disciplines, across cultures, and between established scholars and innovative young researchers--that brings to light new questions, and new answers on subjects of pressing contemporary concern.

True to this original mission, the Clarke Program has made significant interventions in the debate over U.S.-East Asian relations triggered by the recent financial crisis. One of our main objectives for the near future is to keep sustaining this exciting conversation that scholars, practitioners, regulators have already begun to conduct under the auspices of the Clarke Program. By promoting this renewed trans-Pacific dialogue, the Clarke Program seeks to help our global efforts to start reimagining how to bring stability and equity to global markets.