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The Clarke Program encourages and promote scholarship through its support for research and teaching on topics related to the study of Asian law and culture broadly conceived.

Law Library - Myron Taylor Hall
Law Library - Myron Taylor Hall


The Clarke Program's support for research in East Asian law and culture comes in many forms: scholarly exchange programs, international conferences, multilingual online dialogues on subjects of contemporary concern. Those different endeavours allow the kind of collaborative exchange that benefits both works in progress and completed research.

Faculty and students listen on during a Colloquium Series presentation
Faculty and students listen on during a Colloquium Series presentation.

Teaching and Student Programs

Exchange between students and faculty, both Cornell faculty and visiting scholars, is key to the Clarke Program's philosophy and commitment to dialogue. Our curriculum and programs give students at Cornell Law School the opportunity to take courses on East Asian law in the law school and in other departments of the university.

Clarke Program events such as the Clarke Lectures and the 2015 Colloquium Series also offer students a chance to interact with world-class researchers, practitioners and activists from Asia, and participate in conferences and workshops where policies affecting the region are debated and shaped.

Finally, Cornell students and students from partner universities in East Asia can benefit from the Clarke Program's involvement in a number of exchange programs.