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Semester Abroad

Cornell Law School's study abroad program offers students an opportunity to make a meaningful international experience part of their legal education.

Beginning in the spring of their second year, students may spend a semester studying at a law school in another country and earn credit toward the J.D. degree. Studying abroad permits students to see law in a global context by engaging in comparative studies and putting what they learn into a broader perspective. Students have the opportunity to approach other legal systems and legal subjects from a non-U.S. perspective and to gain, experience that prepares them for law practice that increasingly will includes international and transnational work.The program also enables students to learn about the law of countries in which they may have a particular interest.

Please note: As provided in the Student Handbook, a J.D. student may not spend more than one semester away from the Ithaca campus. This means that students may not both study abroad and spend a semester taking classes at the Cornell Tech campus in New York City.

Only Cornell students formally enrolled international dual-degree programs may spend more than one semester abroad. Students may apply to study abroad at one of the many partner schools with which Cornell currently has study abroad agreements, or they may design an individual "term away" at a foreign law faculty with which Cornell is not partnered. Semester abroad programs operated by U.S. law schools will not be approved.

All Cornell students contemplating a semester abroad should first carefully read the law school's Standards and Procedures for Semesters Abroad and Study Abroad: Educational Objectives.

Study abroad applications will be available mid-November of each year. Cornell students wishing to apply to study abroad in the following academic year must complete and submit an application by the January 15th deadline.

Please note that semester abroad opportunities are for Cornell students only. We are not able to accept students from other law schools.

Read about our partner schools and about individually designed terms away.

For additional information, please contact:

Dawne F. Peacock
Director, International Programs
Tel: (607) 255-5978
Fax: (607) 255-7193