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Study International Law at Cornell

Understanding diverse cultures and legal systems is a critical skill in our increasingly globalized world. Cornell Law School is an exceptional place to master international and comparative law.


We offer two main degree programs designed to deepen students' understanding of international jurisprudence:

The J.D. with Specialization in International Legal Affairs prepares students for international private practice, business, or government service. Students must complete 89 credits (instead of the standard 85). Learn more about program admission and degree requirements.

The J.D./LL.M. in International and Comparative Law is a more comprehensive program and requires 20 credits more than a standard J.D. The program also includes a summer session at the Cornell-Paris Summer Institute.

The Law School also offers joint degree programs. Each of these programs consists of two years of study at Cornell Law School, followed by one or two years of study at our partner universities.