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Law School Welcomes Distinguished Visiting Professor Dan Awrey

Dan Awrey, Professor of Financial Regulation at the University of Oxford, will join Cornell Law School for the fall 2018 term as the Marc and Beth Goldberg Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law.

portrait of Dan Awrey

Dan Awrey, Marc and Beth Goldberg Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law

“Some of the brightest and most creative minds in my field—financial regulation and international finance—work at Cornell Law School and Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. I am really looking forward to interacting with these scholars on a sustained basis, and excited to see where these interactions take us,” says Awrey.

“More concretely, I’m looking forward to working with Professors Bob Hockett and Saule Omarova on advancing a longer-term research agenda exploring the changing roles of central banks within domestic and international financial systems, and what the implications of this are likely to be from an operational, structural, and political economy perspective.”

He adds, “As a Canadian who has spent the last ten years in the UK, I’m also looking forward to the changing seasons and, hopefully, some snow.”

Awrey’s work has included undertaking research and providing advice at the request of organizations including the Bank for International Settlements, HM Treasury, UK Financial Conduct Authority, Commonwealth Secretariat, and European Securities and Markets Authority. He is also a founding co-managing editor of the Journal of Financial Regulation published by Oxford University Press. Before entering academia, he served as legal counsel to a global investment management firm and, prior to that, as an associate practicing corporate finance and securities law with a major Canadian law firm.

“I’m really grateful for the support of Marc and Beth Goldberg,” says Awrey. “Their funding of the Visiting Professorship has enabled so many great scholars to spend time at Cornell Law School, and I’m absolutely honored to follow in their footsteps.”

The Marc and Beth Goldberg Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law position honors Marc Goldberg ’67 and his family, including two daughters who graduated from the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University. Mr. Goldberg created the professorship in 2004, noting how important professors are to the Law School’s future.

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