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Muna Ndulo Appointed to UN Secretary General’s Civil Society Board

Professor Muna Ndulo has been appointed by United Nations Secretary General António Guterres to the Civil Society Advisory Board. The new board was created by the Secretary General as part of his strategy “to combat sexual exploitation and abuse alleged to have been perpetrated by those who serve this organization.”

Ndulo, who is the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of International and Comparative Law; Elizabeth and Arthur Reich Director, Leo and Arvilla Berger International Legal Studies Program; and director of the Institute for African Development, is one of seven individuals from around the world chosen to serve on the board. Members were selected for their relevant experience dealing with issues related to peace operations, humanitarian activities, human rights, criminal investigations, child rights, and gender-based violence.

The Secretary General, in a report to the Security Council, had pledged to create a Civil Society Advisory Board to enable the UN to have closer interaction with civil society, external experts, and nongovernmental organizations in its efforts to combat sexual exploitation and abuse. The Advisory Board will provide advice to the Secretary General, in response to a request from the Secretary General or on its own initiative, on strengthening preventive measures and accountability mechanisms and victim support and assistance to address sexual exploitation and abuse by both United Nations personnel and non–United Nations forces operating pursuant to a Security Council mandate.

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