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Public Interest Low Income Protection Plan

Cornell Law School has a long-standing commitment to supporting students and graduates who wish to pursue careers in the public interest. A key component of this commitment is our Public Interest Low Income Protection Plan (PILIPP). Recognizing the pressures created by high educational debt, through PILIPP the Law School provides generous loan repayment assistance to graduates working in the public interest.

New Federal legislation presents the opportunity to expand loan repayment assistance.  As of August 2015, PILIPP has been replaced by a more comprehensive program, PILIPP II, which operates in concert with the federal Income-Based Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness programs.   Additionally, PILIPP II participants who work for 10 years in any of the broad range of jobs deemed eligible for federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness can have all of their federally guaranteed loan repayments reimbursed by Cornell Law School and the remaining principal balance forgiven by the federal government.

The PILIPP is administered by our Financial Aid Office: details and application information.