Cornell Law School Office of Public Service Short

Cyrus Mehri Lecture Series

The Cyrus Mehri Public Interest Lecture Series features an annual major address to the law school community by a leading public interest law practitioner. This Lecture Series is made possible by a generous contribution from Cyrus Mehri '88, a dedicated supporter of public interest-minded Cornell Law students.

Featured Speakers:

Spring 2016: Patricia Warth '80Chief Hurrell-Haring Implementation Attorney, New York State Office of Indigent Legal Services
"Our Clients' Lives Matter:  The Imperative of Quality Public Defense to Achieve Criminal Justice Reform"

Spring 2015: Eve Hill '80 Deputy Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division
"Federal Disability Rights Enforcement: Employment, Education, and Life In the 21st Century"

Spring 2014: Michael S. Levine '80Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Local Initiatives Support Corporation
"Community Development Law - How to Make a Difference"

Spring 2013:
Joseph E. Krakora '80
Public Defender for the State of New Jersey
"Myths and Misconceptions: Public Defenders as 'Real Lawyers' for 'Real Criminals'"

Spring 2012:
Matthew Glasser '80
Lead Urban Specialist, The World Bank
"International Development in the 21st Century"

Spring 2011:
Gary Guzy '80
Deputy Director and General Counsel, White House Council on Environmental Quality
"Gas Drilling, Sustainability & Energy Policy: Searching for Common Ground", presented as the keynote address for the 2011 Energy Conference sponsored by the CLS Environmental Law Society and the Water Law and Land Use Clinics.

Spring 2010: Neil Getnick '80 Managing Partner, Getnick & Getnick
"Meeting the Public Interest Challenge Head-On in the Marketplace"

Spring 2008:
Arthur Eisenberg '80Legal Director, New York Civil Liberties Union
"George Bush, the Rule of Law, & the Exercise of Unilateral Executive Authority"

Fall 2006: Kica Matos '80 Executive Director, JUNTA for Progressive Action
"Immigration Policy and the Death Penalty: The Defining Civil Rights Issues of Our Time"

Fall 2005: Shannon Minter '93 Legal Director, National Center for Lesbian Rights
"Creating Change: The Future of LGBT Rights"

Spring 2005: Gregory Watchman '80 Executive Director, Government Accountability Project
"Fighting for Civil Rights and Worker Protections: Confessions of a Washington Insider"

Spring 2004: Sam Zia-Zarifi, '80 Deputy Director, Asia Division, Human Rights Watch
"In the Trenches: Human Rights During the War on Terror"

Spring 2002: Joseph Iarocci '80 General Counsel, CARE
"What Am I Doing Here: From Wall Street to Abse Teferi"

Spring 2001: Douglas Lasdon '80 Executive Director & Founder, The Urban Justice Center
"Urban Justice: Advocating for the Poor"

Spring 2000: Tonya Gonnella Frichner President and Founder, American Indian Law Alliance
"Make the Road by Walking: Reflection on Using the Law in Service to the Community"

Spring 1999: Cyrus Mehri '80 Mehri & Skalet, PLLC "Fighting Corporate Abuse"