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Public Sector Resumes

If you have not already done so, go to the Career Office pages and go over basic resume-writing techniques.

Once you have a basic resume drafted, here are ways that you may refine your resume for public-sector employers:

  • Page Length:  Resumes may exceed one page to included relevant experience, awards, volunteer activities, and interests.  
  • Resume Variations:  Consider drafting different versions of your resume to emphasize particular skills and experiences relevant to different employers.  Consider grouping all of your public sector experience together.
  • Education Section:  Expand on relevant college and law school activities.
  • Experience Section:  Remember to include Law School Clinics and Externships in this section.  
  • Volunteer Experience:  Public Sector employers value community involvement.  Include relevant volunteer activities.
  • Interest Section:  If possible, choose interests strategically to demonstrate interest in employer's work.
  • Languages Section:  Emphasize language skills relevant to employer's client population.
  • For Graduates:  List your experience section before your education section.  Include bar memberships in a section called "Professional Affiliations".