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Collaborative Research Group: Lay Participation in Law

Our transnational collaborative team is dedicated to research on the phenomenon of lay participation in court systems and the fundamental sociolegal issues that it raises.  The group is comprised of members from Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Spain, Wales, and the USA, and shares information vital to the creation of jury systems, mixed tribunals and other ways of citizen involvement in legal systems worldwide.  

The group is organized under the auspices of the Law and Society Association by Professor Valerie Hans of Cornell Law School, Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovich of Michigan State University, Mary Rose of the University of Texas, and Shari Seidman Diamond of Northwestern University and the American Bar Foundation.

See the descriptions of our International Research Collaborative Group, World Systems of Lay Participation and our Collaborative Research Network, Lay Participation in Legal Systems.