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Amicus Brief on Access to Contraception in India

In  Spring 2014,  the  International  Human Rights  Clinic prepared  an  amicus  brief  for the Center  for  Reproductive  Rights  in support  of  a public  interest  litigation  case  initiated  in  India. The  case,  filed  by  the  Human  Rights  Network  in the  High  Court  of  Punjab  and  Haryana,  calls  on the government to protect women’s reproductive health  by  providing  access  to  a  full  range  of contraceptive methods, information, and services. The  amicus  brief argued,  on  the basis  of human rights  law,  that  women  face  serious  barriers  due to flawed state policies and the failure of the state government   to   implement   national-level   policy guarantees.