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Submission to the Government of Nepal on Women's and Girls' Reproductive Rights in Humanitarian Settings

Nepal suffered a devastating earthquake in April 2015, which wrecked the country's fragile health system in 14 of the most affected districts, exposing women and girls to multiple reproductive health risks, and created unforeseen challenges for the government. This project seeks to protect the reproductive rights of Nepalese women and girls who are living through this humanitarian crisis.

The Clinic is partnering with the Center for Reproductive Rights (the Center), a non-governmental organization that uses the law to advance reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right, to conduct legal research on women's and girls' reproductive rights in humanitarian settings. The Clinic will map out roles that key government institutions and actors can play in ensuring the protection and fulfillment of women's and girls' reproductive rights in such settings by drawing upon international legal standards, policies, U.N. recommendations and effective practices adopted in other countries which have faced similar natural disasters.