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International Human Rights: Policy Advocacy Clinic

In International Human Rights: Policy Advocacy Clinic law students learn key lawyering skills such as interviewing, legal research, legal writing, and developing practical solutions to complex problems. Students in the Clinic conduct fact-finding, which often involves foreign and domestic travel, and work in teams to produce a policy report designed to impact legislation or to influence other policies to improve the lives of vulnerable groups and communities in the United States and abroad. The Clinic also engages in impact litigation in international human rights tribunals. In the Spring of 2017, students in the Clinic designed, researched and wrote a report for the Indian Parliament on a bill pending to ban compensated surrogacy in India and for the New York State Legislature on a bill pending to permit compensated surrogacy in New York. The Clinic students traveled to New Delhi to work with students at the National Law University in Delhi to interview women who were surrogates, doctors, lawyers, and government officials in connection with the report.

This course is taught every Spring semester at Cornell Law School and each year a new project and theme will be announced in advance of registration. Registration and application information will be sent to you by the registrar’s office. Please contact Professor Kalantry if you have any questions.