Clinical Programs - Prosecution

Prosecution Clinic


Students who are looking for the opportunity to prosecute non-felony non-jury trials in Ithaca City Court.

What Will Be Taught

In the Prosecution Trial Clinic, students will study the following topics:

  • Criminal law and procedure
  • Prosecution ethics
  • Trial strategy and preparation
  • Trial conduct, including direct and cross-examination
  • Plea bargaining and professional judgment
  • Proper responses to appeals and motions

What To Expect In The Courtroom And Classroom

The course has both courtroom and classroom components. The courtroom component involves regular attendance at Ithaca City Court’s non-jury terms. Here students will observe and critique trials, and prosecute for the following offenses:

  • Traffic tickets
  • City code violations
  • Non-felony penal law violations
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Possession of marijuana

The classroom component involves lecture, discussion, and trial simulation exercises.