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Human Rights

In the fight against injustice and inequality at home and abroad, human rights lawyers can be powerful advocates for equal economic opportunity, criminal justice reform, racial justice, gender equality, immigrants’ rights, and fair housing.

Through its comprehensive human rights curriculum, Cornell Law School prepares future lawyers with the commitment and skills to defend human rights and collaborate with civil society and institutions to impact, law, policy, and practice. The curriculum focuses on the theory and practice of human rights law and consists of courses in the fundamentals of international human rights law, human rights lawyering, and clinics that address important contemporary issues. With a range of clinics and programs to choose from, students have the opportunity to handle a wide array of projects in several countries (including the United States) that address prisoners’ rights, women’s rights, the death penalty, truth and reconciliation in post-conflict societies, the right to self-determination, and cultural rights.

Example Courses

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