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Gender Justice Clinic

The Gender Justice Clinic engages in local, national, and global efforts to address gender-based violence and discrimination. Issues covered include intimate partner violence, sexual assault, gender-based violence in institutional settings, discrimination at work and in the criminal legal system, and discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation, among others.

Projects and Cases

Participating in the Clinic

Student Testimonials

“Contributing to the Gender Justice Clinic was the most meaningful aspect of my law school career. I really enjoyed working in a collaborative environment and gaining practical experience on behalf of issues of personal importance to me, including gender-based violence, sex workers’ rights, and the rights of trans folks who are incarcerated. Not only does the Gender Justice Clinic help prepare students to become effective and culturally competent advocates, but it also gives students the opportunity to make a difference in the world on behalf of their clients and the causes they care about.”
~Lindsey Ruff, J.D. ’19

“Working with the Gender Justice Clinic has been a highlight of my time in law school. It has given me the chance to see how I can do legal work in a way that fully incorporates the values and commitments I brought to law school, and to work in service to the communities I come from. Professor Brundige’s careful and thoughtful guidance has helped me understand how to develop a project that best serves client goals while grappling with the many ambiguities that can arise when doing legal work. This kind of community-focused work is exactly the experience I sought in pursuing a legal career. Further, clinical work has vastly improved my legal reasoning, analytical skills, writing, and ability to shape a project with a group and to see it through from start to finish. I’m tremendously grateful to have had this opportunity at Cornell.”
~ L. Lee, J.D. ’20

“My experience in the Gender Justice Clinic played a pivotal role in deepening my understanding of international human rights in the context of the U.N. system. I worked on a project in which the clinic and the International Human Rights Clinic collaborated to assist a women’s organization in Myanmar to prepare a submission to the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. The clinic afforded a hands-on experience and gave me a better understanding of the challenges of translating human rights norms into concrete actions. The work that I did in the clinic allowed me to proceed seamlessly from law school to a summer fellowship and then my current position with the Mission of Hungary to the United Nations. The Gender Justice Clinic also provided a supportive community that you can turn to with questions, concerns, and ideas, which is so valuable in learning how to be an effective lawyer.”
~ Lilla Osztrovszki, LL.M. ’16

Contact the Clinic Faculty

Elizabeth Brundige
Clinical Professor of Law
(607) 254-4768
Cornell Law School
G28M Hughes Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-4901
Lorelei Lee
Adjunct Professor of Law

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