Learn from a Wealth of Perspectives

Cornell Law faculty will expose you to new ways of understanding the law. Their goal is not to teach you to think like they do, but rather to teach you how to think.

The faculty at Cornell Law School come from all walks of life and all areas of legal practice. As you progress through law school, you will be exposed to the variety of viewpoints they bring to the classroom. This rich diversity in education is manifested in the many areas of scholarship our professors are known for, including but not limited to, feminist theory, African law, refugee law, and LGBT rights.

Our faculty are prominent experts in their fields of study, and regularly weigh in on matters of current legal and ethical debate. Faculty members have recently been quoted in national publications on issues including:

  • Same-sex marriage legislation 
  • Implications of police brutality 
  • Debt management in Argentina 
  • Presidential use of executive orders on immigration 
  • The Religious Freedom Restoration Act 
  • Use of international humanitarian law in Gaza 
  • The death penalty

Despite their wide-ranging areas of expertise, our faculty are united by a common commitment to instruction; they live and breathe the teaching of the law.

You will learn from faculty both inside and outside of the classroom, you will be encouraged to share your perspectives in class, and you will be able to meet with professors after class for help with assignments or advice on reaching your academic and career goals.  Our small class size also means you will get to know your professors on a first-name basis.