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Careers: Student Organizations

Students may be reached via email for information about their organizations.


American Constitution Society

President: Kasper Dworzanczyk

Asian Pacific American Law Student Association

President: Chris Mao

Black Law Students Association

President: Domonique Collins


President: Eleen Zhou

Briggs Society of International Law

President: Victoria Pan

Business Law Society

Presidents: Blaine Fix and Rahul Srivastava

California Law Students Association

Presidents: Austin Peng and Jonathan Gonzalez

Christian Legal Society

Administrative Chair: Ann Balzer

Cornell Association of Law and Economics

President: Tanmayi Sharma

Cornell International Law Journal

Editor-in-Chief: Camila Machado

Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy

Editor-in-Chief: Evelyn Hudson

Cornell Law Review

Editor-in-Chief: Victor Flores

Cornell Law Students Association

President: Eirene Kim

Secretary: Marissa Smith

Cornell Law Veterans Association

President: Trent Nachbar

Cuban American Bar association

President: Gabriella Pico

Data, Privacy, and Cyber Law Society

Presidents: Melissa Muse and Sahra Nizipli

Environmental Law Society

Presidents: Vincent Palmeri and Emma Sprotberry

Federalist Society

President: Brandon Hanley

First Generation Student Association

Presidents: Daniel Brey and Jenny Li

indoor soccer team

President: Max Brashear

If/When/How Lawyering for reproductive Justice

Presidents: Emery Staton and Talli Sharp

Intellectual Property and Technology Association

President: Shirley Matcha

International arbitration society

President: Benjamin Ahn

International refugee Assistance Project (IRAP)

Presidents: Marisa Pagan-Figueroa and Rachel Skene

Jewish Law Students Association

Presidents: Jeremy Knight and Max Rosenthal


President: Daniela Cala

Latino American Law Students Association

President: Luis Manuel Rico Román

Law and Political Economy Collective

President: Sophie Miller

Legal Information Institute Supreme Court Bulletin

Editor-in-Chief: Gabriela Markolovic

Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law

 Presidents: Yigal Adhami and Isaac Gorenstein

LLM Association

President: José Francisco Pío López Vilá

Mock Trial Board

President: Emery Staton

Moot Court Board

Chancellor: Jimmy Pinchak

National Lawyers Guild

Presidents: Emily Van Dyne and Violet Nieves

National Security Law and Policy Society

Presidents: Sophie Miller and Ben Sandberg

Native American Law Students Association

President: Emily Harwell


Presidents: Hannah Middlebrooks and Anna Russell

Public Interest Law Union

President: Sabrina Bryan

Society of Wine & Jurisprudence

President: Rachel Skene

South Asian Law Students Association

President: Tanzila Mahmood

sports and entertainment law

Presidents: Chloe Agelou and Lauren McBrearty

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

President: Veronica Cinibulk

Student Leadership Council

Presidents: Nathalie Greenfield and Emily Van Dyne

Tax law association

Presidents: Eric Xu and Bryan Garcia

Video Game Law Association

President: Kristen Shirley

Women of Color Collective

President: Uriel Lee

Women's Law Coalition

Presidents: Marisa Pagan-Figueroa and Julia Mikolajczak