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Faculty Type: Permanent

  • Katrina Robinson

    Education B.A., University of California Los Angeles, 2011 J.D., University of Virginia School of Law, 2015…

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  • G.S. Hans

    Related News Clinical Program Faculty Updates for Spring '23 March 25, 2023 G.S. Hans Joins Cornell Law School as Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Associate Director of First Amendment Clinic April 13, 2022 Media Coverage…

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  • Alexandra Lahav

    Education B.A., Brown University, 1993 J.D., Harvard Law School, 1998…

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  • Kristen Stanley

    Education B.A., Cornell University, 2001 J.D., Cornell Law School, 2007 M.S.S.W., University of Tennessee…

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  • Kristen Underhill

    Education A.B., Harvard University, 2004 M.Sc., Oxford University, 2005 D.Phil., Oxford University, 2007 J.D., Yale Law School, 2011…

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  • Deborah Dinner

    Education B.A. Yale College, 1999 J.D., Yale Law School, 2005 Ph.D., Yale University, 2012 Publications   The Sex Equality Dilemma: Work, Family, and Legal Change in Neoliberal America (forthcoming Cambridge University Press)   “The Care Crisis: Covid-19, Labor Feminism, and Democracy,” in…

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  • Carlton E. Williams

    Media Coverage Yahoo! News Carlton Williams: This is what it looks like when cops lie Education B.A., University of Rhode Island, 1991 J.D., University of Wisconsin Law School, 2006 Sample Courses 7760 Movement Lawyering…

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  • Eleanor Wilking

    Media Coverage CNN Eleanor Wilking: Ron DeSantis Says Ending Disney's Self-Governing Status Will be a 'Process.' Here's What Might Happen Next Marketplace Fact-checking Harris’ and Pence’s claims about taxes Education…

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  • Amanda Whorton

    Education B.S., Southeastern University, 2010 J.D., Wake Forest University School of Law, 2017 Publications “The Complexities of Music Licensing and the Need for a Revised Legal Regime,” Wake Forest Law Review 52 (2017) Sample Courses 6761 Principles of…

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  • Chenay Weyble

    Education B.A., University of South Carolina, 1993 J.D., University of South Carolina School of Law, 1996…

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